Killer Hogs Hot Rub 5 LB Competition Bag Plus a Free 16oz Shaker



Killer Hogs Hot Rub –  5lb. Competition Bulk And Free 16oz shaker 

“Color With a Kick”

We’re packing heat.

This Hot BBQ Rub is a savory, sweet and spicy punch of power-packed flavor.

And you can’t beat the pretty, mahogany color it gives to pork, beef, seafood, or poultry.

When you want to add a little kick to your BBQ, reach for Killer Hog’s Hot BBQ Rub.

 NEW from Killer Hogs, The BBQ Rub with a shot of heat, nothing crazy, but just enhanced the profile a bit, now in a 5LB Bulk bag! Killer Hogs HOT BBQ Rub brings out the natural flavors, adds some heat to the meat and builds a beautiful, mahogany bark on pork, beef, and poultry. Killer Hogs – The BBQ Rub was developed as a competition BBQ rub by the Killer Hogs Championship BBQ Team. This rub allows you to turn out BBQ like a professional pitmaster. The Killer Hogs Championship BBQ Team spent years perfecting their BBQ dry rub and now you get a chance to experience the flavor.

The BBQ Rub brings out the best in everything you cook. The BBQ Rub is balanced with a special blend of sugar, salt, heat and other spices. Combining for an amazing flavor that’ll have your mouth watering before it even goes on the meat. After your done cooking, shake some on the finished product, t’s even better!

Brown sugar, sugar, salt. paprika, spices, including chili pepper, evaporated cane juice, dehydrated garlic and orange peel, onion powder, MSG, mustard flour, extractives of paprika(color), dill weed, tumeric (color) and natural flavor.


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